Ziad Alonaizy studio
The Studio

Founded by Ziad Alonaizy in 2018, the Design Studio is an acclaimed interior architecture and multi-disciplinary design studio based in London.

Specialising in both the hospitality industry and the private residential sector, we are a dynamic group of experienced interior designers, architects and product designers. Operating at the forefront of a new wave of designers who blur the boundaries between nostalgia, decoration and technology, we create intricate interiors that are comfortable in the context of contemporary design culture.

Working closely with a number of curated specialist artisans, furniture workshops and artists, we pride ourselves on designing beautiful bespoke pieces to inject individuality and timelessness into each and every project.

We help clients understand the potential of design; to engage with their environment on a multi-sensory level. This approach allows us to unlock social value, cultural impact and economic potential. We want to dig deep into the consumer mindset to gain an understanding of how to reach, attract and engage the end user.