Designed in London.
Hand crafted in Italy.

Each of the pieces in our collection are produced by a family of metal artisans who have been perfecting their craft for generations.

Based in a beautiful medieval town close to the Amalfi coast, the team pride themselves on working collaboratively with designers and architects to realise projects above and beyond expectations.

Consistently looking to the future, they continue to research and develop cutting edge technologies whilst remaining dedicated to the core skills of their craft.


Every element of AEGIS furniture is assembled and finished by hand in a series of processes involving nine different artisans. Each piece is painstakingly sanded down to remove any welding marks whilst the metal finishes are achieved via a delicate sponging technique which prevents any drip waste and avoids any unnecessary damage to the environment. Braided steel wire is arduously threaded through the structural frames, with the same degree of care given to each and every commission.

The love and pride which goes into the making of these pieces results in impeccable quality and a seamless finish.


The ethos of ‘eternal elegance’ sits at the heart of the design and manufacturing process for every piece of AEGIS furniture – to be loved, treasured and passed on from one generation to the next.