Feathers on lapel
Our Approach

We are inspired by stories… stories of the past, stories of the present and stories of the future. Our design process always begins with the concept – an idea, image, model or notion that provides the basis for the story or narrative behind the design, driving an emotional connection as well as a visual response.

Our ethos is to elevate design beyond current market trends. We are not defined by an era or particular design movement but strive only for unique and exceptional quality – quality of design, quality of materials and quality of craftsmanship. Intrigue and innovation are values that we hold in high regard, tirelessly refining our designs to create iconic pieces that will stand the test of time.

Designed with passion. Hand-crafted with care. We are passionate about producing couture pieces using the multi-generational skills of our trusted partners. In a world of mass-consumption we believe that care, diligence and attention to detail define the art of luxury and are integral to producing iconic pieces that will last a lifetime. We are proud to partner with artisan teams in Italy, Portugal and England, all of whom have been perfecting their skills for decades. Innovation and dedication are central to their ethos as they consistently strive to develop new techniques which support our design vision and the production of exquisite pieces.

We love experimentation and thrive on the possibilities that new materials bring to our work. Exploring the potential of new colours, textures and finishes is integral to our design process. One simple change can bestow fresh character and an entirely different aesthetic to a classic piece. We offer a wide variety of beautiful finishes for our collection including a range of metals, marbles, glass and RAL colours to complement both traditional and contemporary spaces.

Supporting a sustainable future for our business, industry and the planet is non-negotiable. Our world is changing rapidly and as a business we are working hard to negate the impact of our production process and to positively contribute to the sustainable future of the design industry. A percentage of the profit from our furniture sales is given to the World Land Trust, an international conservation charity which protects the world’s most biologically important and threatened habitats including multiple bird species which are very close to the heart of the Alonaizy team! Find out more about their work here.